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Each point on the map represents a body found, and an investigation gone cold for local law enforcement. In the months ahead, we'll focus on Spokane Police and other area agencies' unsolved murder and missing person cases.

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Looking for answers

For three decades, Kathy Forech had nightmares that her daughter would disappear on her birthday and be found in the Spokane River.

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Jean McLean: After 25 years, killing still a mystery

When they were girls Marcia Ogle and her younger sister used to pack a lunch and walk down to the Coeur d'Alene lakeside for the day - a place Ogle can see from her condominium balcony. Her sister, Jean McLean, was killed in Spokane in August 1983.

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Candy Rogers: 1959 murder remains unsolved

Candy Rogers, 9, disappeared the evening of March 6, 1959, while selling Camp Fire mints near her home on West Mission Ave. The Holmes Elementary School student’s body was found about 3 1/2 miles northwest of Spokane Falls Community College – five miles straight north of Spokane International Airport – that March 22.

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Gary Loesch: Missing women the key

Gary Loesch, 56, was shot in the head while delivering newspapers for The Spokesman-Review.

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'In the wrong place, at the wrong time'

Ronnie Armstead wanted to distance himself from a life of drugs and crime. Angela Stewart was brought up to see the good in people, so she decided to give him a chance. They were murdered on Nov. 7, 1995.

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Julie Weflen: Missing on the job

Julie Weflen's disarming smile beamed from billboards in four states, from hundreds of thousands of posters and in national media after she went missing 20 years ago this month.

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Millie: Woman without a name

Detectives call her "Millie." They don't know her real name. The woman's dismembered body was discovered near the T.J. Meenach Bridge in 1984.

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Cold Case extra: Professional techniques

In these video commentaries, medical examiner Dr. Sally Aiken and forensic artist Carrie Stuart Parks talk about the techniques they use to help solve murder cases.

Medical examiner Dr. Sally Aiken Forensic artist Carrie Stuart Parks

Arthur Haines: A bloody end to a father's life

Found beaten in his home on March 1, 1993. The attacker set fire to his home to hide the evidence. Police are still looking for the killer.

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Special report: Gone, but not forgotten

With vigilant detectives and advances in technology, Spokane Police are trying to bring closure to 28 unsolved homicides.

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