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The Spokane Police Department has had 28 unsolved homicide cases since 1986. The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has had 16 unsolved homicide and missing person cases during the past 20 years. See Idaho cases »


James M. Jamison, 37, transient found bludgeoned in the head at an abandoned house in the 2000 block of East First Avenue, Jan. 16, 1986.


Ruby Jean Doss, 27, suspected prostitute found strangled in a field in the 3100 block of East Ferry Avenue, Jan. 30, 1986.


Mary Ann Turner, 30, prostitute found strangled next to a garage in the 100 block of South Ivory Street, Nov. 4, 1986.


Dorothy E. Burdette, 62, found strangled in High Bridge Park, Dec. 25, 1986. She lived alone in an apartment on South Washington Street, wasn’t working and had no criminal history.


Kathleen D. Dehart, 37, former topless dancer found strangled in the basement of an apartment in the 900 block of South Hatch Street, July 5, 1987.


Kevin D. Kent, 28, found beaten to death in a car parked in a lot on the 2300 block of East Trent Avenue, June 7, 1988. The parking lot was that of his new employer, Inland Bumper Repair. He’d moved to Spokane from the Seattle area. Kent was found in the passenger side of a Chevrolet El Camino.


Nickie I. Lowe, 34, prostitute found shot along the Spokane River under the Greene Street Bridge, March 25, 1990.


William Norris Jr., 40, transient found beaten to death in a boxcar near East Trent and North Airport Way, June 12, 1990.


Barney Pettersen, 29, transient found dead after being dragged behind a car near East Parkwater Avenue and North Koren Street, Dec. 6, 1991.


Franklin D. Mattox, 44, found shot in the head at a hobo camp near Playfair Race Course at 400 North Stone Stone, July 2, 1992.


Arthur Haines, 87, found beaten to death at home in the 4500 block of North Washington, March 1, 1993. Haines worked for Darigold as a milk tester and delivery driver.

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Linda D. Lewis, 48, found in a bathtub with a sock tightly wrapped around her neck at home in the 2000 block of East Hartson, April 16, 1995.


Ollie Williams, 45, found shot near 1500 East Second Avenue, May 27, 1995. He was found dead in front of a man’s home who was later charged with his murder, but the case was too thin to bring before a jury. Williams worked at Playfair Race Course.


Ronnie Armstead Jr., 22, and Angela Stewart, 19, found shot at home in the 2900 block of North Hogan Street, Nov. 7, 1995. Armstead had recently taken a job as a telemarketer, but was known to police as a drug dealer with a long criminal history. Stewart was working at St. Brenden’s Nursing Home (now St. Joseph’s Care Center) and was applying and getting ready to start college in the field of physical therapy.

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Danielle Jean Shinaver, 25, found bludgeoned to death inside her lower South Hill apartment in the 900 block of South Lincoln Street, March 14, 1996. She worked at a McDonald’s on Third Avenue.


Donna Lynn Harris, 40, found with a slashed throat along railroad tracks near East Trent Avenue and North Fiske Street, April 7, 1996. The Montana native arrived in Spokane only days before her death.


Kenneth Kinney, 43, attacked while hitchhiking and died of a chest wound at East North Avenue and North Nevada Street, Sept. 4, 1996.


Joann Flores, 32, found dead in an alley in the 200 block of West Riverside Avenue, Nov. 7, 1996. She had several convictions on drug charges and was thought to be homeless at the time of her death.


Margaret M. Anselmo, 45, found dead from head injuries in an alley in the 700 block of East Pacific Avenue, Jan. 3, 1997. The Spokane native worked as a floral designer.


Theresa Lynn Asmussen, 22, found floating in the Spokane River near the Post Street dam, Oct. 17, 1997. A Spokane native with a history of drug and prostitution charges, she died from blunt trauma to the head.


Kenneth Cloud, 67, transient found stabbed to death in a sleeping bag near East Trent Avenue and North Division Street, Aug. 3, 1998.


Albert D. Edwards, age unavailable, found shot to death in the 1400 block of West 10th Avenue, Jan. 9, 1999.


Keith Sharbono, 18, found in the Spokane River at the Monroe Street intake for Avista Utilities, beaten over the head, May 26, 1999.


Samantha Bowyer, 25, and Melissa Larkin, 6, found murdered in their apartment in the 200 block of South Lacey Street, Nov. 24, 2001. Larkin was attending Trent Elementary School. Her mother, Bowyer, worked at a collection agency and had no criminal history.


Lester E. Taylor, 73, found beaten to death in the basement of a home in the 600 block of West Sixth Avenue, Dec. 18, 2001. He owned and operated house and apartment rentals including several in the neighborhood where he lived.


Lawrence J. Ferderer, 70, found beaten and robbed in a parking lot in the 500 block of East Francis Avenue, Aug. 13, 2002. He worked at Safeway for 36 years before retiring in 1997.


Angela Walsh, 34, and Terry Palm, 37, reported missing Dec. 15, 2002, bodies recovered in the Spokane River near the Seven Mile Bridge area at separate times in March 2003. Walsh was a homemaker, who had a son and daughter. Palm was wanted on a warrant for dealing drugs at the time he disappeared.


Steven Allison, 44, found walking on West Indiana Avenue bleeding from an apparent beating on June 29, 2005. He died July 3. Allison was a cook until two years before his death. He’d undergone two open-heart surgeries and hadn’t been able to work.


Julie A. Weflen, 28, went missing on Sept. 16, 1987. The Bonneville Power Administration employee was checking on the Springhill substation near Seven Mile Road when she disappeared. Her truck was parked at the substation, and there were signs of a struggle. She is presumed dead.

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John W. Deetz, 38, a truck driver, went missing Dec. 30, 1988, and is presumed dead. His truck was found at the Broadway Truck Stop, 6606 E. Broadway Ave.


Donald R. King, 60, was found strangled and beaten inside his locked trailer on his son’s property in the 20200 block of East Trent Avenue, Oct. 25, 1988. He was a mobile home salesman.


Steven E. DeLay, 23, was shot to death in his bed through a window of his parent’s home in the 3000 block of South McDonald Street, May 11, 1990. DeLay had worked at Appleway Chevrolet but moved in with his parents shortly before he was killed to help care for his father who was dying of cancer.


Kathleen A. Brisbois, 38, was found shot to death a quarter mile south of Trent Avenue and Pines Road in the Spokane River, May 15, 1990. She was a known prostitute.


Sherry A. Palmer, 19, was found in a heavily wooded area near Highway 206/Mount Spokane Park Drive and Bill Gulch Road with a bag over her head and a bullet in her chest, May 13, 1992. She was last seen May 1 at Al’s Motel on North Division Street.


Richard D. Goodsall, 39, was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife inside the Brass Faucet Tavern, 12525 E. Sprague Ave., where he worked as a janitor and bartender, Sept. 30, 1992.


Brian R. Cole, 48, was shot three times in the head during a robbery at his furniture store, Cole’s Furniture on 13717 E. Sprague Ave., Nov. 7, 1992.


Kay L. Melius, 48, went missing on May 8, 1994. Her vehicle was later recovered in downtown Spokane. She is presumed dead.


Thomas L. Terhune, 32, was found on the railroad tracks near the 9800 block of East Euclid Avenue, March 2, 1994.


Andreay A. Lebedinski, 21, was found in the Spokane River near Upriver Dam, July 1, 1997.


Adam S. Crane, 16, was found in Hangman Creek in the 10700 block of South Hangman Valley Road, July 5, 1997.


Jerry W. Rowe, 47, was found just outside a small travel trailer in a field behind 15324 E. Valleyway, June 7, 1999. The property owner had let Rowe and another transient stay there for a couple days.


Eric R.Wurzberg, 39, was found behind a business in the 17300 block of East Trent Avenue, Aug. 4, 1999.


Jason R. Schulwitz, 27, was found bound, beaten and stuffed in a garbage can in the back of a sport utility vehicle at the Fred Meyer at Sprague Avenue and Sullivan Road, Dec. 1, 1999.


Catherine Avis, 40, was discovered in the 8800 block of East Elder Road, in a field southwest of Valleyford, July, 31, 2004. Law enforcement is withholding her cause of death.

Sources: The Spokane Police Department, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and The Spokesman-Review archives.

Idaho Cold Case details

Coeur d’Alene Police and the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office have had 11 unsolved homicides and missing persons cases in the last 23 years. See Spokane cases »


Ryan Hoeffliger, 2, disappeared from his Hayden home on Nov. 11, 1984, and was discovered hours later in Hayden Lake, under a private dock 1 ˝ miles from his home. Detectives said the boy was wearing pajamas and no shoes, and that his diaper had been changed, leading them to believe he didn't just wander away.


Debora J. Swanson, 31, an elementary teacher, disappeared March 29, 1986. Her car was found in the parking lot near Tubbs Hill with her purse locked inside.


Sally A. Stone, 21, an exotic dancer, was last seen leaving an appointment with her physical therapist on May 16, 1986. Her car was found at her home in Coeur d’Alene.


Irma Springstead, 92, had been shot once in the head, and was found in her bed. Investigators found no weapon.


The nude body of Spokane resident Pamela K. Lang, 34, was found partially submerged in Fish Creek. She was last seen alive the evening of June 15, 1993, leaving the Carlyle Hotel in Spokane. The cause of death was never determined.


Gary Loesch, 56, was shot in the head while delivering newspapers for The Spokesman-Review.

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Barbara Loesch, 52, the wife of Gary Loesch whose 1995 murder is also unsolved, was found dead in her home. She was in a hot tub, along with an unplugged television. Though Bradley Steckman confessed to the killing and was sentenced in 2004 to up to life in prison, he gave police information leading them to believe Loesch’s missing daughter, Tina Loesch, and partner Skye Hanson, may have been involved in the killing.


Joe Murphy, 43, an avid outdoorsman and sports enthusiast, was stabbed multiple times in the chest near the scenic area’s parking lot. A composite sketch of a man seen in the area was released and the unknown suspect remains one of Kootenai County’s most wanted.


Deborah Dee Sykes, 38, was wearing black jeans, white tennis shoes and a black coat with a Camel cigarette logo. Police believe she may have dyed her hair blond.


Roxann Tolson, 46, was reported missing by her great uncle. Her husband, William Tolson, whom police call a “person of interest,” told investigators he last saw his wife five months earlier. A taxi driver reported giving a ride to a woman matching Tolson’s description. The driver said woman had been beaten and told him she was leaving her husband.

Sources: Coeur d’Alene Police Department, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office, Post Falls Police Department and Spokesman-Review staff writer Taryn Hecker.