Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Spokesman-Review values statement

The following values form the framework for the myriad news decisions made daily by Spokesman-Review journalists. Our goal is to live up to these values every day.

• We reflect the life of our community every day in all of its wholeness and complexity.

• We tell people what we know when we know it, without fear or favor.

• We watchdog government and other public life institutions.

• We are committed to the free marketplace of ideas.

• We believe the public’s business ought to be conducted in public – always.

• We give voice to the voiceless and defend the defenseless.

• We recognize the positive lives led by our community's young people every day.

• We empower citizens so that they can exercise their citizenship.

• We will do good … not just good work.

Please hold us accountable. We want to hear from readers when something goes wrong. If you catch a factual error, please submit them to Accuracy Watch by emailing or calling city desk at (509) 459-5403. If you have questions, comments, complaints or suggestions about news coverage, please call city desk at (509) 459-5403 or editor Steven A. Smith at (509) 459-5423.

Lots of reader questions and comments make great candidates for Letters to the Editor. The Opinion/Editorial staff welcomes letters of up to 200 words on topics of general interest. All letters are subject to editing. Please include your full name (first name, middle initial, last name) and mailing address (with city, state and zip), and include a daytime phone number where you can be reached for verification. Letters can be mailed to our snail mail address, faxed to (509) 459-3815 or emailed to

If you're wondering how editors made a particular news decision, please submit it to the Ask The Editors blog and column by sending an email to For best results, include "Ask The Editors" in the subject line. Ask The Editors is at

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