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Monday, May 10, 2004


Here's a list of all stories that were posted online May 10, 2004

Neighbors pitch in for parks
Kenedy Orton can't wait for the day she's strong enough to reach the top of that rock climbing wall in Shadduck Lane Park.

Performer, writer and producer had career spanning 50 years
Alan King, whose tirades against everyday suburban life grew into a long comedy career in nightclubs and television that he later expanded to Broadway and character roles in movies, died Sunday at the age of 76.

Nichols to reuse John Doe defense
McALESTER, Okla. -- At Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols' 1997 federal trial, jurors were introduced to John Doe No. 2 -- an unidentified man some believed accompanied mastermind Timothy McVeigh in the days leading up to the bombing.

Screeners claim airport's security has holes
Thousands of bags are loaded onto planes at Newark Liberty International Airport every day without being scanned for explosives, according to current and former screeners at the airport. Related stories

U.S. forces push into areas held by Shiite militia
U.S. forces stepped up pressure on Shiite gunmen loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, pushing with tanks into the holy city of Kufa and assaulting militia positions in the narrow streets of a Shiite enclave in Baghdad. At least 34 Iraqis were killed. Related stories

Sharon's U.S. visit canceled
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Sunday canceled a planned trip to the United States next week, saying he intended to focus his energies on patching together a new blueprint for withdrawing from the Gaza Strip after his party rejected his original plan.

Filipinos vote in presidential election
Filipinos voted for president Monday amid high security and reports of violence in a race pitting an incumbent who strongly backs the U.S. war on terror against a film star whose close friend lost the job in disgrace three years ago.

Security fears increase amid attacks in Kabul
A blast hit a U.N. vehicle carrying election workers in eastern Afghanistan and two foreign men were beaten to death in the capital, officials said Sunday, adding to security fears ahead of the landmark vote in September.

Four seats open on school board
The Lake Pend Oreille School Board has three open seats and is accepting applications for another vacancy after one trustee's abrupt resignation.

Charter school advocate fights to oust Schroeder
MOSCOW, Idaho -- Former state Sen. Darrel Deide, the one-time Caldwell school superintendent who now stridently advocates charter schools, is heading up the campaign to oust Senate Education Chairman Gary Schroeder.

Kid rocks Arena for hours
Halfway into his colossal concert, Kid Rock broke his band down into a guitar and harmonica trio and warned the skanky-and-proud crowd: "We're gonna play for two hours, so pace yourselves,'' Rock said.

Plane lands hard after malfunction
A private plane skidded to a stop Sunday at the Coeur d'Alene Airport when its landing gear failed to descend, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Judge quashes BLM proposal for grazing
An administrative judge nixed a grazing plan authorized by the Bureau of Land Management within the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.

Web businesses must know how to ship overseas
The Internet influences almost everything we do in business today. From e-mails to Web sites, as a research tool or a way to gain visibility, e-commerce has reached new heights. Increasingly dedicated technologies help link us to infinite opportunities regarding marketing and exporting.

Automakers enhancing incentives
DETROIT -- After pulling back on consumer incentives last month and posting generally lackluster results, Detroit's Big Three automakers are beefing up offerings in hopes of giving a boost to the critical spring selling season.

Saving smart for college
This is the time of year when the euphoria fades and the recipients of the fat envelopes signifying admission to “the college of their choice” must face the reality of whether they can actually afford to attend the college of their choice.

Following these eight points could help lead you to financial success
Farewell, Philip Fisher One of the world's seminal investment thinkers passed away recently -- Philip Fisher, author of the classic “Common Stocks, Uncommon Profits” (Wiley, $20). Here are the eight points of his investment philosophy:

Trio should face toughest penalties
Our View: Fight against wrongdoing takes a lasting, diligent effort.

In their words. . .
“In every one of these investigations, when investigators are approached online, that's a real kid who is not going to be victimized.”

Local reference worth a mention
Question: A story appearing May 2 on sex offender Laura Faye McCollum omitted three paragraphs that were in The Seattle Times version of the story. The missing information included this:


Call off freak dancing
Thank you, Tabea Wiersma for your accurate description of freak dancing and having the guts to speak out (Our Generation, April 26).

Iraq prison-abuse trial set
Stung by a worldwide outcry, the U.S. military Sunday announced the first court-martial in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse allegations, ordering a reservist to face a public trial in Baghdad on May 19. Related stories

Mirabeau park at turning point
Peaceful. That's how Spokane Valley residents describe 4-year-old Mirabeau Point Park. "It's kind of hard to get away in the Valley,'' said Dan Peterson, 40, last Thursday.

Solar panels a ray of hope for Republic
Civic leaders believe there may be a ray of sun in Republic's cloudy economic forecast.

Often a target, Kadyrov worried more about son
"None of us is immortal,'' Akhmad Kadyrov told a Russian television reporter nine days ago.

Bill has $170 billion in business tax breaks
It started as an effort to eliminate a $5 billion tax break for exporters that irked the European Union. Since then, a tax bill has blossomed into a $170 billion cornucopia of special breaks for the cruise ship industry, former Oldsmobile dealers, NASCAR and makers of bows and arrows.

Park languishing in limbo
Thirty years ago this month, President Richard M. Nixon opened Expo '74, showing off Spokane to the rest of the world.

2,000 rally in D.C. for tougher gun control
WASHINGTON -- Nick Wilcox wore a button with a picture of his late daughter and spoke of the satisfaction of joining other gun-control advocates Sunday at a rally to urge renewal of a federal ban on assault weapons.

Solar power offered to isolated residents
The Ferry County Public Utility District will sell electricity anywhere the sun shines. Under a new program, possibly unique in the nation, the Republic-based utility district is offering solar power systems to customers in isolated areas where it costs too much to extend conventional electric lines.

Emotional highs and lows
Sunday morning's graduation of Gonzaga University seniors was supposed to happen so differently for the Suenaga family.

House sale sealed with a handshake
As a survivor of what has become a dog-eat-dog housing market in Spokane, I can tell you a battle is boiling up around us, fought by opportunistic sellers and buyers swarming over low interest rates like underfed goldfish.

Smoothing life's rough edges
Life's a little bumpy living on a dirt road. Winter brings muddy potholes. Summer brings dust. Forget about keeping your car clean.

Decades after crash, luggage resurfaces
PORT ANGELES, Wash. -- For the past 44 years, a suitcase full of Beverly Sherman's belongings has been stuck in the trunk of her friend's 1950 Dodge sedan at the bottom of Lake Crescent.

Kerry sticker makes for good joke
Monday's Huckleberries column:

Neighbor helps combat house fire on W. Gordon
Two separate incidents kept Spokane fire crews busy Sunday afternoon. At 4:32 p.m., heavy smoke was reported at Charlie's Produce warehouse, 3530 E. Ferry Ave.

Meeting set on Valley's land-use plan
The city of Spokane Valley will hold a community meeting Wednesday to hear public input as it begins to develop a comprehensive land-use plan.

Movie impresses with ability to tap into teen emotions
I found in “Mean Girls” a quality I didn't expect. It is amazingly easy to relate to, from the situations to the variety of characters. Related stories

‘Mean Girls’ puts inventive twist on typical teen plot
“Mean Girls” is funny and cynical, a surprisingly clever comedy that is smarter and sassier than most of the films in a seemingly endless horde of teen movies. It plays out with the tenacity of a John Hughes film, with Lindsay Lohan giving a charming and believable performance in a role Molly Ringwald surely would have played 20 years ago. Related stories

Age of responsibility
In the life of most adolescents, two birthdays carry a great deal of significance. The first is turning 16, which often means the independence of a driver's license. Related stories

Explore your artistic side at camp
Summer vacation with its three long months of freedom is just weeks away. Ninety days of pure relaxation, right? Wrong. Two weeks into break, the boredom sets in -- a condition your parents aim to cure by making you scrape the deck or baby-sit your younger siblings. Related stories

Map out your expectations as married couple
Dear Annie: I am 54 years old and have been married to a wonderful young lady, age 41, for seven months. It's a second marriage for both of us.

Manners, morals no longer a duo
Miss Manners

Today’s teen stars should be screen and also heard
To be a hot young star today, it takes success in both music and movies. At least, that's one of the messages of Teen People's new list of the “25 hottest stars under (age) 25.” “They need to move the needle on box office and SoundScan,” says Amy Barnett, the magazine's managing editor.

Aries (March 21-April 19) ••••• – Visualize and create. Your perceptions could be extraordinarily insightful, not only for you but for all those in your immediate orb. Listen well to what someone shares, even if you believe it is off-the-wall. Understand that imagination breeds new ideas.

Dear Mr. Wolff: When I open one of a major, should partner's jump to four of the other major be a splinter or to play? Is there a general rule in these positions? -- Jumpy, Las Vegas, N.V.

Teach boys to work out problems
Q: My two sons are 7 and 4. When their cousins, who are the same ages, come over, they all go down into our basement to play. Invariably, within 30 minutes my youngest will come upstairs crying because his older brother is being mean to him, excluding him from games and causing the cousins to gang up against him.

Parental Choice
Don't get Lizette Frielingsdorf wrong. She loved her three boys -- Jordan, Justin and Jake -- yet somehow felt incomplete, especially when watching her friends happily shop with their daughters or when recalling those special times when her own mother took her to the ballet.

Make sure play sets ready for summer fun
Warmer weather means more kids on the playground. If you have a backyard play set or are thinking of buying one, here are tips on being safe and staying out of the emergency rooms, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Swing-N-Slide, a manufacturer of consumer play set equipment.

L.M. Boyd Trivia
• Every air traffic controller worldwide works the job in English. • Spring moves 30 miles farther north every day.

Al Gore part of effort to start cable news net
Former Vice President Al Gore and a partner plan to launch a 24-hour cable news network aimed at 18- to 34-year-old viewers.

‘Wrinkle’ offers family viewing
A pretty average Monday night of TV -- a funny “Raymond,” the season finale of “Everwood” -- must give way to “A Wrinkle in Time” at 8.

Looking back Hutton Building in 1909

The Hutton Building was constructed in 1907 by Levi W. Hutton with a plan to add three stories the following year. The extra floors were added in 1910, the year after this photograph was taken looking north from the corner of Washington and First. The entire second floor was occupied by the Spokane Chamber of Commerce at the time. The Huttons, who founded the Hutton Settlement orphanage, lived on the fourth floor of this building.

Tips may help if you’re on college waiting list
“Jennifer” applied to seven colleges this year. A good student, with several honors and Advanced Placement courses, A and B grades, and SATs in the 1200s, she was involved in many activities, and showed a lot of leadership and initiative throughout her high school and community life. Choosing to stretch for admission to some competitive colleges this year, she focused most of her attention on her “dream schools” while applying to a balanced list of moderate reach, target, and probable schools overall.

‘Alamo’ too historical to be very interesting
None should forget the Alamo. The Texas fort laid siege to in 1836 by the Mexican forces of Santa Anna has gone down in American history as the last stand of some true American heroes. It was a valiant effort to help Texas and the United States withstand Mexican invasion, and while the men who defended the Alamo ultimately died there, as most people know, they became legends in the process -- if they weren't already. Related stories

Moms, teen daughters could connect while watching a movie
Mothers looking to connect with their teenage daughters -- but who don't want to learn instant messaging to do it -- might find some common ground on the couch catching a flick.

Steroid use has proponents
MADISON, Wis. – Dr. Norman Fost recently appeared on a national radio program in which the host referred to him as “the loneliest man in America.” The doctor insists this is not true.

Sindelar tastes thrill of victory for first time in 370 tourneys
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Joey Sindelar had a hunch someone would come out of the pack to win the Wachovia Championship on Sunday. He just didn't think it would be him.

Signs of life
LOS ANGELES – Kobe Bryant was the first one to hit the floor and Shaquille O'Neal wasn't far behind. Five minutes into the most important game of the season – one the Lakers would win 105-91 – the Lakers' two stars were sprawled across the hardwood, diving after their dignity.

Mariners stumble, tumble
SEATTLE – The standings are as disturbing to the Seattle Mariners as their latest loss. Already 9½ games out of first place in their division, the Mariners leave today on a week-long road trip to Minnesota and New York wondering just where they're headed. Related stories

Sharks hurt by one who got away
SAN JOSE, Calif. – The secret to the Calgary Flames' improbable postseason success has a bushy red beard and an ugly, green hard hat.

Money talks when naming ballparks
There was a time when you couldn't tell the players without a scorecard. Then, in 1960, White Sox owner Bill Veeck put names over the numbers on the backs of uniforms. The White Sox had their names on road uniforms only, which ticked off other owners, whose teams were trying to sell scorecards.

Sunday’s games
Angels 8, Devil Rays 4: At Anaheim, Calif., Jeff DaVanon homered and drove in four runs, Jarrod Washburn won his fifth straight start, and injury-plagued Anaheim won its ninth straight game with a victory over Tampa Bay.

Utilitymen more useful than ever
Shane Halter is not a pitcher, and he spends much of his professional time jousting against them.

National Sports

Canada takes gold, U.S. earns bronze
Florida defenseman Jay Bouwmeester scored the winning goal, and Canada rallied to beat Sweden for the second straight year in the gold-medal game at the world hockey championships, 5-3 on Sunday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Catchings helps WNBA dress up its image
Iman. Naomi. Tyra. Now Tamika? Well, maybe not. But Indiana Fever forward Tamika Catchings sure felt like a supermodel on a recent promo film shoot for the WNBA.

Today’s menu

College: Sacramento State at Washington State, 11 a.m.
Off-track betting
Coeur d'Alene Casino: Dog racing, first post 4:05 p.m.; horse racing, first post 9:25 a.m.

On the air
For Monday, May 10, 2004

Cassell stepping up for Wolves
MINNEAPOLIS – Of all the available explanations for why Sam Cassell goes from mild-mannered point guard to super-clutch scorer when the fourth quarter rolls around, this is easily the most fun:

Jefferson sparks Nets
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Richard Jefferson was the reason why Kenyon Martin's foul trouble and Jason Kidd's poor shooting didn't make much of a difference.

American women shut out Mexico
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Cindy Parlow, Mia Hamm and Lori Chalupny scored second-half goals to lead the U.S. women's national team past Mexico 3-0 Sunday in an exhibition match to prepare for the Olympics.

Moya making a move toward top ranking
Carlos Moya began the year aiming for a top-eight finish. After winning the Italian Open and reaching a No. 2 ranking, he might have to rethink his goals.

Orangemen’s Powell magician with a stick
SYRACUSE, N.Y. – In quiet moments, Mike Powell plays the guitar and fancies himself an entertainer. Not much changes when he picks up a lacrosse stick and takes the field for the Syracuse Orangemen.

Southern California captures women’s water polo title
STANFORD, Calif. – Freshman Brittany Hayes scored three goals to lead Southern California to an NCAA women's water polo title with a 10-8 victory over Loyola Marymount on Sunday.

Schumacher continues red-hot start
Michael Schumacher equaled the best start to a Formula One season Sunday by winning the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona, Spain, for his fifth consecutive victory.

Gonzaga wins, avoids sweep at hands of San Diego
Marshall Bratton's two-out, two-run single capped a six-run fifth inning and Patrick Donovan worked eight innings to guide the Gonzaga Bulldogs to an 8-7 victory over the San Diego Toreros in West Coast Conference baseball action at Cunningham Stadium in San Diego on Sunday.

Mascot matters to Hawkeyes
DES MOINES, Iowa – The University of Iowa probably would say no if it received a lucrative offer to play Florida State in a made-for-TV football game.