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Monday, May 17, 2004


Here's a list of all stories that were posted online May 17, 2004

U.S. troops in S. Korea may head to Iraq fight
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Amid ongoing violence in Iraq, the United States is looking to move some of its 37,000 troops stationed in South Korea to bolster forces in Iraq, South Korean and U.S. officials say. Related stories

Legal opinion may have paved way for abuse
WASHINGTON – The Iraq prisoner abuse scandal shifted Sunday to the question of whether the Bush administration set up a legal foundation that opened the door for the mistreatment. Related stories

Wildfire budget in ‘crisis’
WASHINGTON – The federal government may have about 30 percent fewer firefighters for this year's Western wildfire season than it did last year, according to lawmakers – setting the stage for what could be an election-year debacle on the fire lines.

Kitchen-table cardplayer antes up to big-time poker
Gerry Drehobl, a middle-class, middle-aged man who can work a TV remote as skillfully as Tiger Woods controls a 2-iron, has joined the in crowd.

Golf courses going green
WORLEY, Idaho – At the Circling Raven Golf Club, even the term “birdie” can be ambiguous.

Pope names six new saints
VATICAN CITY – Pope John Paul II named six new saints Sunday, including a woman who became a symbol for abortion opponents because she refused to end her pregnancy despite warnings that it could kill her.

Israeli helicopters attack Fatah movement offices
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israeli helicopters fired five missiles at an office of the Fatah movement in a Gaza City neighborhood early today, witnesses said.

Bids lackluster for dinosaur bones
LOS ANGELES – A collection of fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex bones, believed to be some of the first ever found of the animal, fetched $93,250 at an auction Sunday, far less than what organizers had hoped.

Some find fast food essential
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Angela Muggenburg eats a Sausage McGriddle on her way to work, and then drives through McDonald's again for a grilled chicken sandwich – sans mayo and French fries – for lunch while running errands.

National news
Memorial will get beefed-up security Washington Security lines, searches and checkpoints will greet the thousands of visitors expected to attend dedication events for the National World War II Memorial this month, U.S. Park Police said Sunday.

Veteran actress Anna Lee dies at age 91
LOS ANGELES – Anna Lee, whose nearly 70-year acting career in movies and television spanned from her breakthrough role in “How Green Was My Valley” to an extended run on “General Hospital,” died Friday of pneumonia, her son said. She was 91.

First legal gay-marriage licenses issued
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- City clerks began handing out marriage-license applications to gay couples just after midnight Sunday, making Massachusetts the first state in the nation to legalize same-sex unions and the United States just one of four countries in the world where homosexuals can legally wed.

Sept. 11 Commission to return to New York
NEW YORK -- Families who never stopped imagining their loved ones' last moments inside the burning World Trade Center are preparing to watch the most vivid reconstruction yet of that horrific day. Related stories

Greenpeace goes on trial today under old ‘sailor-mongering’ law
MIAMI -- When the wave-tossed Greenpeace activists boarded a container ship off Miami Beach two years ago, they didn't know it could lead to prosecution under a 132-year-old law aimed at keeping boardinghouses from luring sailors to shore.

Crackdown on piracy silences U.S. TV in Cuba
HAVANA -- The U.S. government believes Cubans should see more of America on television, and Cubans have been happily complying for years, cobbling together clandestine satellite TV systems to pick up everything from the World Series to soap operas.

Japan to ask U.S. amnesty for 1960s Army deserter
TOKYO -- Tokyo plans to ask the United States to grant amnesty to an alleged U.S. Army defector who married a Japanese woman kidnapped by North Korea, an official said Sunday.

Filmmakers cautious to protect Tibetans
CANNES, France -- Two filmmakers at Cannes took extreme precautions Sunday to make sure the people they interviewed for a rare documentary filmed in Tibet will not face a crackdown by Chinese authorities.

Bad weather stalls rescue of climber
SEATTLE – Deep snow and whiteout conditions on Mount Rainier thwarted efforts to reach an injured climber stranded with a companion near the summit Sunday, slowing climbing rangers and forcing a helicopter to abort a rescue attempt.

A concert for children’s future
ROME – Nearly two decades after music greats gathered to record the hit song “We Are the World” to help Africa's hungry, the next generation of celebrities came together Sunday for a follow-up “We Are the Future” concert to benefit children in war zones.

Filipino leader widens lead
MANILA, Philippines -- President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo widened her lead Sunday over opposition front-runner Fernando Poe Jr. in an independent count of votes from last week's national elections, but Poe's party claimed to be gathering evidence of widespread cheating.

Accuracy watch
Pair in photo misidentified Because of a copy editor's error, Laurie and Linda Jacques were misidentified in a photo caption Sunday.

Man accused of attacking ex-girlfriend
A 27-year-old Spokane man was arrested Sunday after his ex-girlfriend told police she'd been raped and stabbed.

Prom special for these teenagers
Jamie Stone loves high school dances. She shows up early. She stays as long as she can. She never sits down and, usually, she dances alone.

Stunt may balloon to record
Ryan Oelrich will sleep under a roof of balloons this week. The recent Gonzaga graduate and balloon artist is building a house out of 5,000 balloons that will be set up in the atrium of the River Park Square shopping center. Oelrich will attempt to live inside it for at least a week to establish a world record and raise money for Spokane Habitat for Humanity.

Many commuters go long to work
You've heard of long-haul truckers. How about long-haul commuters? One in 200 commuters is what the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics calls a “stretch commuter” -- someone who drives 50 miles or more each way to work.

Grant to help put green in city buildings
Spokane could become the land of environmentally friendly buildings – a place where architects capture natural heat and light to lower operation costs, and there's a strong pool of workers to install the new elements.

Familiar faces in sheriff’s campaign
Voters in Benewah County aren't likely to be in for surprises when they vote for a new sheriff in the May 25 primary election. All four candidates have been around the county for decades; one is the undersheriff, one used to be sheriff, another is in his fourth run for sheriff and the last is a longtime officer with the St. Maries police.

These two graduates are definitely seniors
BOISE -- Commencement ceremonies at the state's universities drew some rare graduates: two elderly women who have wanted to walk the line since dropping out of college around 1940.

Idaho records
For Monday, May 17, 2004

CdA’s reputation heads east
Monday's Huckleberries column:

Fire district boundaries on agenda today
The Boundary Review Board will meet today to examine Spokane Valley's proposal to permanently become part of two fire districts.

Nuns give Bridal Veil couples a hand
BRIDAL VEIL, Ore. -- Every spring, the post office in this tiny community named for a waterfall along the Columbia Gorge struggles to meet the demand of couples who want the unique postmark it offers for their wedding invitations.

Horses find a home on the range
VIOLA, Idaho -- Brent Glover works his way through the herd, exchanging greetings with each steed as he searches for one in particular.

Bond sought to remodel school
History would be served if voters pass the West Valley School District construction bond on Tuesday, advocates say.

Regional news
Man shot after fight A man was shot in the groin after getting into a fight in downtown Spokane on Sunday.

Court-martial over prison abuse set to begin
DALLAS – A justice system that long has been fodder for movies and TV will be center stage this week as the world watches how the United States handles one of the most embarrassing chapters for its military.

Al-Sadr’s revolt gaining prominence
NAJAF, Iraq – Not long ago, U.S. officials and senior Shiite clergy viewed radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr as a fringe figure with a narrow base of support. Times have changed. Related stories

Powell: Little Arab outrage at beheading
WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Colin L. Powell admonished Arab leaders on Sunday, saying they should have shown “a higher level of outrage” over the beheading of an American civilian in Iraq after they had expressed furor over the mistreatment of Iraqi detainees at a prison outside Baghdad.

TIPS can help protect you from inflation
Are you worried that inflation may knock down the value of your investments? Then you might consider buying U.S. Treasury inflation-protected securities, or TIPS.

Don’t be conditioned to keep making bad investments
Rats! You never know where you'll find some valuable insights into investing. Consider, for example, the famous behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner.

Shopping online is becoming a Numbers Game
NEW YORK -- Cyberspace shopper Roger So relies on a 16-digit tool to prevent his personal information from being stolen: A single-use, disposable credit-card number.

Brown made diversity a priority
Our View: We’ve made great strides, but there’s still more to be done.

Mariners end road trip on losing note
Brown outpitches Seattle's Pineiro en route to 2-1 victory for Yankees

Bush law fulfills school promise I am a strong supporter of the No Child Left Behind Act. As a parent, I can think of very few things that are more important to me than my child's education, and I support President Bush's efforts to help all children.

Missing woman’s remains discovered
BRAINERD, Minn. – Searchers have found the skeletal remains of a 21-year-old Minnesota woman who disappeared a year and a half ago, authorities said Sunday.

Behavior drug spending up
TRENTON, N.J. – As more children pop pills for attention deficit and other behavior disorders, new figures show spending on those drugs has for the first time edged out the cost of antibiotics and asthma medications for kids.

Federal seat-belt ads reach teenage drivers
WASHINGTON – More teenagers and young adults buckled up last year after a federal seat-belt advertising campaign targeted younger audiences, the government says.

Registration should be abolished
Registering with Selective Service System for the draft last fall was uneventful and seemed deceptively unimportant. I logged onto the Web site, filled in my data, and bam! I was now officially registered. I have “consented” to be thrown into a uniform, shipped across the world and hurled into any war the president supports. Related stories

National service
We all share the benefits of life in America, and under this plan, we all help shoulder the burden of defending our freedom. Our proposal ensures that all Americans answer the call of duty. As we fight this war on terrorism and protect our way of life, we must once again listen to the words of President John F. Kennedy, who implored us to, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.' ”

Related stories

‘Van Helsing’ perfect matinee movie
Film writer and director Stephen Sommers is passionate about classic horror movies. In his own work, he recreates the characters who inspired him to become a filmmaker. He first did this with “The Mummy” in 1999, which Sommers said he chose because the creature had been redone the least. His choices make his movies more unique than most of the classic projects that have been rehashed by modern directors. Related stories

Draft should treat men, women equally
Turning 18 brings with it many changes in a young person's life --including graduating from high school and being able to vote. If you are male, you also must sign up for the draft. Related stories

Graduation speech should honor others
Miss Manners

Adult children can help mom if they want to
Dear Annie: I have been divorced for 10 years and have two sons. The oldest is married, and the youngest lives on his own. They are both good, hardworking kids, but they don't have money to spare.

This JC is still a long way from becoming a superstar
JC Chasez understands why certain people might reflexively recoil at the thought of listening to a solo record from an 'N Sync member.

Dear Mr. Wolff: Are there any rules for bidding that cannot be breached? I ask because recently, second in hand, I opened three diamonds with seven diamonds and a 12-count. I was told by my opponent that, had she bothered to call the director, I would be disqualified for bidding incorrectly. What sort of hand and point-count should you have to open with a three-level pre-empt? -- Cowering Away, Trenton, N.J.

Aries (March 21-April 19)– Givens get tossed to the wayside, at least for now. Take a good look at what is happening and what you have taken for granted. Remember, you don't have to take action; in fact, in a sense it would be preferable if you didn't.

Mature Content
In one video game, you get rewarded for beating a prostitute to death with a baseball bat. In another, you can hack off a person's limbs with a chain saw.

Puppy rules Mom’s world
For years, my kids tried to convince me to get a dog. For years, I kept up a litany of excuses: I have allergies. We have enough chaos in the house. A dog will be expensive. I don't want to house train a dog in the chill of winter. I don't want to house train a dog in the heat of summer.

Age affects housing choices
As we carried the last boxes -- silver- ware, dishes, favorite kitchen seasonings -- up the stairs to my mom's newly rented condominium, my brother stared me down with a sweat-stained grin.

L.M. Boyd Trivia
• Q. Where do bald eagles mate? A. In flight. Sometimes at 5,000 feet.

‘Motown’ may offer musical treats
Well, don't expect to see Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk, or anything else as exciting as that “Motown 25” special. But “Motown 45,” a two-hour special airing on ABC at 8, ought to have its charms.

Keep language alive with dynamic words
When was the last time someone you know exclaimed “psychedelic!” when he saw something he liked? Or how about “radical!”? The truth is, language is changing all the time, and often teens are the ones who make it happen. Although some words are definitely not “in style” anymore -- consider “sweet,” “groovy,” “far out” and “jivin' ” -- teens were the first to popularize them. Related stories

Now Read This
The second annual Eye of the Mind student film festival takes place May 27. Film for the contest can be submitted in three categories: comedy, music/sports video and drama/documentary.

Though not a great singer, Hung gives his all
William Hung, a 21-year-old engineering student, was brutally rejected by the judges on “American Idol.” Related stories

Thermos donating lunch boxes to Smithsonian history exhibit
A lunch box is more than a sandwich's suitcase; it can be a barometer of pop culture.

Home cookin’ disadvantage
CALGARY, Alberta – If the San Jose Sharks can just figure out how to overcome the home-ice nightmare in the Western Conference finals, Mike Rathje believes they're ready to put this series away.

Tarver’s knockout punch puts huge dent in Jones Jr.’s legacy
LAS VEGAS – The end came with shocking suddenness for Roy Jones Jr., courtesy of a crushing left hand that sent him sprawling helplessly under the ring ropes in Antonio Tarver's corner.

Webber’s guarantee comes true
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The second-round series between Sacramento and Minnesota is becoming as much about bad tempers as it is great basketball.

Sheets mows down 18 Braves
Everything was working for Ben Sheets on Sunday, even the shadows. Sheets struck out a franchise-record 18 batters – the most in the majors in three years – leading the Milwaukee Brewers to a 4-1 victory over the visiting Atlanta Braves.

Sunday’s games
Expos 6, Diamondbacks 1: At Phoenix, Livan Hernandez pitched a six-hitter for his second complete game in 10 days, helping Montreal beat Arizona and complete its first series sweep of the season. Hernandez (3-2) walked two and struck out seven for his 33rd complete game as the Expos tied a season high with their third win a row.

Garcia stands up to pressure, wins Byron Nelson
Sergio Garcia retooled his swing so it would hold up under the intense pressure of the final round. On Sunday, he only had to let the other guys fall apart at the Byron Nelson Championship in Irving, Texas.

Chance for more gold thrills Brown
NEW YORK – Forty years ago in Tokyo, Larry Brown was an athlete at the 1964 Olympics.

Pistons’ Hamilton rips game-winning jumper
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Nothing deterred the Detroit Pistons -- not their three straight losses, their three-overtime heartbreak or an early double-digit deficit -- from forcing a Game 7 against the New Jersey Nets.

On the air
For Monday, May 17, 2004

Today’s menu
Baseball College: Gonzaga at Lewis-Clark State, 6:30 p.m.Off-track betting

National sports
Federer ends Coria's clay streak in Hamburg men's final Roger Federer looks as if he's ready for this French Open.

All over but waiting for Smarty Jones
Smarty Jones is laying low, at least for a while. The Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner returned to his home turf at Philadelphia Park on Sunday, a day after his record 11 1/2 -length win at Pimlico set the stage for a dramatic Triple Crown try at the Belmont Stakes in three weeks.

Hite to the rescue again for Shadow
ABBOTTSFORD, B.C.–Facing a 2-0 deficit Sunday afternoon, the Spokane Shadow reversed their fortunes with a spectacular finish against the Abbottsford Rangers, winning 3-2 in overtime.

Donovan hurls Zags past Gaels
Patrick Donovan worked into the ninth inning and allowed just seven hits as the Gonzaga Bulldogs cruised to a 4-1 victory and a three-game sweep over the Saint Mary's Gaels in West Coast Conference baseball action on Sunday at Avista Stadium.

Marion Jones takes stance against threat of suspension
With each question Marion Jones gets about steroids, her denials become more emphatic. She took everything a step further Sunday, saying she would go to court if the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency bars her from competing in the Athens Olympics without a positive drug test.

Quarterback conundrums
Fiedler or Feeley in Miami? Brees or Rivers – or Flutie – in San Diego? Anybody available in San Francisco?