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Thursday, May 27, 2004


Here's a list of all stories that were posted online May 27, 2004

Al-Sadr offers to pull militia out of Najaf
NAJAF, Iraq – Radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr agreed Wednesday to withdraw his militia from Najaf and hand the city back to Iraqi police, the government said, raising hopes for an end to weeks of fighting that threatened some of Shia Islam's holiest sites. Related stories

Clean-air rules face rollback as gas prices rise
WASHINGTON – The Bush administration is considering easing environmental requirements for a multitude of gasoline blends and streamlining permits for new refineries to increase fuel supplies and fight soaring prices, Commerce Secretary Donald Evans said Wednesday.

FBI seeks seven terror suspects
WASHINGTON – Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller warned Wednesday of a possible al Qaeda attack this summer and fall in a joint statement that was part alert and part plea for public vigilance. Related stories

Warrior finds courage to confront his past
Glen Douglas was 18 the first time he killed a man, a German soldier no older than himself.

Holiday campers can expect wet
Rain, seething, falling. I scatter wild rose petals. Dad, this is boring.

Kansas teen’s study guide key to victory
WASHINGTON – Fourteen-year-old Andrew Wojtanik had a thick study guide his competitors didn't have as he prepared for the 16th annual National Geographic Bee: a 432-page world almanac that he made himself.

National news
Stamp to honor USS Constellation Washington A commemorative postage stamp honoring the ship USS Constellation will be issued June 30, the Postal Service said Wednesday.

Kerry to accept at Boston convention
SEATTLE – Rejecting the advice of some aides and Democratic strategists, Sen. John Kerry on Wednesday announced he would accept the Democratic presidential nomination at the party's Boston convention this summer, even though the decision may put him at a financial disadvantage. Related stories

Karachi bombs kill one, hurt 34
KARACHI, Pakistan – Two car bombs exploded Wednesday near the home of an American diplomat and an English-language school, killing a police officer and wounding 34 people, mostly police and journalists, police officials and doctors said.

Snow discovers $10M mistake in his portfolio
WASHINGTON – Treasury Secretary John Snow, a strong advocate for tighter government controls over the biggest players in the nation's mortgage industry, has discovered that he inadvertently owned more than $10 million in debt issued by those government-sponsored enterprises, the Treasury Department said Wednesday.

Peace accords signed in Sudan
NAIVASHA, Kenya – Sudan's government and rebels signed key agreements on Wednesday, resolving the last remaining issues needed to end Africa's longest-running war.

Chewing gum gets Singapore blessing
SINGAPORE – Ultra-tidy Singapore is lifting its notorious ban on chewing gum after 12 long years – but getting a pack won't be entirely hassle-free.

Building will be more than 2,000 feet tall
CHICAGO – A huge skyscraper in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates, whose height has been a closely guarded secret, will be more than 2,000 feet tall, the tower's architect, Adrian Smith of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill of Chicago, said Tuesday. Such a height would easily make the tower the world's tallest building.

Peace activist Dellinger dies at 88
David Dellinger, a lifelong and pre-eminent peace activist who was one of the “Chicago Seven” defendants after the riots at the 1968 Democratic Party convention, has died. He was 88.

Death toll in flooding reaches at least 860
FOND VERRETTES, Haiti – Ferrying emergency supplies to villagers devastated in deadly floods, U.S. and Canadian troops on Wednesday struggled to assess the scope of a disaster that has killed more than 860 people and left hundreds missing in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Fox TV viewers choose Fantasia
NEW YORK – Fantasia Barrino's fantasy of pop stardom became a reality Wednesday night when she was named the winner of “American Idol.”

Toby Keith comes up a four-time winner
LAS VEGAS – Toby Keith, often snubbed by the Academy of Country Music, was a quadruple winner at Wednesday night's annual awards as entertainer of the year and male vocalist and for his album “Shock 'n Y'All” and the video “Beer for My Horses” with Willie Nelson.

Nations want more control for Iraqis
UNITED NATIONS – Four key nations proposed major changes Wednesday to the U.S.-British draft resolution on Iraq, moves that would give the new government control over the Iraqi army and police and require the multinational force to consult on military actions except for self-defense. Related stories

Richard Strong’s fall came quickly
MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. -- It took Richard Strong three decades to build his mutual fund company into a multibillion-dollar financial gem, but it all unraveled in a matter of months after he and the firm came under scrutiny in an improper trading investigation.

Retirees fear cutbacks in drug benefits
MANASSAS, Va. -- Fred Bena is reluctantly learning about Medicare prescription drug insurance, figuring that his former employer's generous retiree health benefits will not last and he will be forced into a costlier Medicare plan.

Advocates try to offer happy returns
You have an ally at the Internal Revenue Service. To repeat: You have an ally at the Internal Revenue Service.

The new arms race
American soldiers are firing so much ammunition that the military's largest supplier of bullets can't keep up. Tanks that log 800 miles a year in peacetime are grinding through that many miles in a month, wearing out their treads. Related stories

New Comcast chair plans Internet phone service
PHILADELPHIA -- Comcast Corp. chairman C. Michael Armstrong stepped down Wednesday, a year earlier than expected, and was replaced by chief executive Brian L. Roberts. The cable company also announced an aggressive push into telecommunications with Internet phone service.

Wells Fargo buys mutual fund
SAN FRANCISCO -- Banking giant Wells Fargo & Co. snapped up the scandal-ridden mutual fund company Strong Financial on Wednesday, just days after Strong and its founder settled allegations of improper trading.

Stocks mixed on new economic data
NEW YORK -- Wall Street trudged through an indecisive session Wednesday, anxious again about a possible terrorist attack and also worried that the economy might be slowing more than investors have hoped. Prices closed mixed with tech stocks and small-cap shares rising while large-caps edged lower.

Krispy Kreme details plans to meet challenge from low-carb diets
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Krispy Kreme Doughnuts said Wednesday it will respond to financial losses from popular low-carb diets with new items including sugar-free doughnuts and iced drinks.

Big-ticket orders fall in April after March gains
WASHINGTON -- Orders to factories for big-ticket goods fell sharply in April after posting a strong gain in the previous month, reflecting the sometimes bumpy recovery navigated by the nation's manufacturers.

Business news
Microsoft to widen search functions Seattle Microsoft Corp. will soon release technology that takes search functions far beyond the Internet, allowing users to pour through e-mails, personal computers and even big databases to find the information they want, a top executive said Wednesday.

New organic labeling rules withdrawn
WASHINGTON -- The Agriculture Department is dropping new organic food guidelines that allowed limited use of pesticides and antibiotics and drew criticism from some consumer groups and organic farmers.

West appointee was accused of rape
Spokane Mayor Jim West's newest appointment to the city Human Rights Commission was found responsible 15 years ago of violating the civil rights of two Laotian Hmong women who accused him of rape.

Both sides mystified by upsets
Neither the winners nor the losers could offer any sweeping explanation for the series of upsets in Tuesday's primary election.

Leather Works opens next week
Mark and Mary Rogers wore full buckskin outfits when they were married long ago in Colorado. And they're still into leather.

Police to file charges in false rape claim
Post Falls police intend to file misdemeanor criminal charges against a woman who reported she had been raped but later told police she had lied about it in an apparent attempt to get her boyfriend home from overseas.

Superintendent outlines cuts
After sitting through a two-hour board meeting Wednesday, dozens of student gymnasts and golfers clapped and cheered.

Accuracy watch
Resort's prices misstated Eagle Nook Wilderness Resort and Spa on Vancouver Island, B.C., offers an all-inclusive package called the Ultimate Wilderness Adventure. The three-night offer for four people costs $11,142, or $3,714 a person. The seven-night package for four costs $20,808. Because of a reporter's error, an item in the May 9 Outdoor and Travel section indicated that the higher figures were the per-person cost.Smoot is association's secretary

Funeral home offers local link to Titanic
Those Barnums of the burial biz are at it again. For the last several years, Heritage Funeral Home has been luring big crowds for the Memorial Day weekend with free displays of collector cars, military memorabilia and brass band concerts.

Competition lends itself to inspiration
Five tongue depressors, four paper clips, three rubber bands, an index card, a roll of masking tape and one straw.

Thousands lose health coverage
About 274 legal and illegal aliens in Spokane County lost health insurance when the state ended an immigrant medical assistance program. They're among 17,000 immigrants who lost coverage statewide since the program ended in 2002, according to a University of Washington report released Wednesday.

Survey: Most voters say buses are essential
Despite overwhelming voter approval last week of a sales tax increase for the Spokane Transit Authority, those opposed to the tax seem more convinced than ever that the transit agency needs to budget its money better.

Regional news
Elderly man dies after being hit by car An elderly man died early Wednesday after he was struck by a car while he crossed Division Street at Houston Avenue.

Gonzaga-bound student killed in murder-suicide
STANWOOD, Wash. – On her 18th birthday, Dayna Marie Fure got a court order to keep her ex-boyfriend away from her.

Federal judge to fine AG lawyers
SEATTLE – A federal judge said he will fine lawyers for the state Attorney General's Office for withholding documents in a lawsuit brought against the agency by a former employee.

‘Night Stalkers’ honor state soldier who lost his life
FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. - Each building in the highly restrictive and heavily guarded compound of the "Night Stalkers" pays honor to a fallen comrade.

Seasonal rain a boon for farmers
BILLINGS - It's simply been too wet lately for farmer Bruce Wright to finish planting his fields near Bozeman.

Post Falls students reach financial goal by close shave
Tim Freeman, an English teacher at Post Falls High School, challenged his students to raise money for cystic fibrosis research.

Man accused of killing wife gives up custody
A man charged with first-degree murder signed paperwork Wednesday that allows his four children to become temporary wards of the state.

Al-Hussayen’s defense attorneys rest their case
BOISE – Sami Al-Hussayen's defense rested its case Wednesday, after just one witness and a single day of testimony. Related stories

Mission accomplished
PULLMAN – When veterinary student Cristina Rubio sat down to a late dinner Saturday, the last thing she had planned was rushing into a rainstorm to rescue a raptor.

Court backs Oregon assisted suicide law
SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal appeals court ordered the Bush administration not to meddle with Oregon's assisted suicide law, ruling Wednesday that doctors there may prescribe lethal doses of medication to terminally ill patients.

Money shortages force cuts at Olympic National Park
PORT ANGELES – Budget constraints mean there will be fewer staffers and fewer services this summer at Olympic National Park, officials say.

Burns, Rafay may get life in prison
SEATTLE -- A King County Superior Court jury on Wednesday found Glen Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay guilty of killing Rafay's parents and sister in suburban Bellevue in 1994.

Election results
Here are the final, unofficial results from contested primary election races in North Idaho. Complete countywide results, including uncontested, state and national races, are available online for Kootenai, Boundary and Bonner counties. Primary election victors may face an opponent from another party in the Nov. 2 general election.

Mercer Island school to remain closed after gun report
MERCER ISLAND, Wash. -- A Mercer Island middle school, closed Wednesday while police investigated a report that students planned to bring guns to school, will remain closed through the end of the week, a district official said.

Western drought will spread this summer, forecasters say
WASHINGTON -- The Western drought will probably spread this summer, government forecasters said Wednesday, and warmer than normal temperatures are expected in both the East and West.

Corvallis woman missing
PORTLAND, Ore. -- The city of Corvallis, where 19-year-old Brooke Wilberger has been missing since Monday, is rarely disturbed by crimes against people.

Boaters await decision on John Day navigability
GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- Most of the John Day River in Eastern Oregon would be declared a navigable river, opening private land to boaters and anglers, under a recommendation by the Department of State Lands.

And another thing. . .
A pricey placebo. A study conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons could lead to a spike in the sales of anti-depressants. Over the past four years, the price of the most widely used prescription drugs by seniors has risen by an average of 27.6 percent, while inflation has risen by 10.4 percent.

Shared presence is crucial in Iraq
Our View: Without legitimacy, success and stability are doomed.

WWII Memorial reflects sacrifice
WASHINGTON – With this weekend's dedication ceremonies for the new World War II Memorial, visitors to Washington, D.C., will have their first chance to judge an overdue commemoration of “the good war” – a fitting tribute even if vexingly flawed.

Moore’s movie a deft anti-Bush attack
Michael Moore's latest movie “Fahrenheit 9/11” is an anti-Bush broadside. It accuses President Bush of letting Saudis leave the United States after Sept. 11 without being interviewed by the FBI. A shocking charge! And utterly false, as well – the FBI got its crack – but who cares? Millionaire Moore is a deft provocateur, and if he's wrong about the facts, well, the facts should be right. They feel right. Isn't that what counts?

Our crush on cars has begun to backfire
Few things have contributed as greatly to economic growth and mobility (or, if you will, to costly sprawl and environmental degradation) as our love affair with the car and our reliance on cheap gasoline. Even at today's costs, inflation-deflated gas prices are still a relative bargain.

Build amusements on north bank In a recent article, it was stated that Riverfront Park is being allowed to fall into disrepair. This park is the gem of the downtown core, and it is being allowed to fall apart. Don't the fools who run this town realize that you have to spend money to make money?

Agency lists terms to run INEEL
BOISE – The U.S. Department of Energy on Wednesday issued its final requirements for companies that want to run the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.

Birds may power devices
BOISE – Small, migratory birds likely expend a lot of energy in flight. Now researchers with TenXsys Inc. are trying to discover if the steady beating of wings releases enough energy to, say, power an electronic tracking device.

Pistons grab series lead
AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Rasheed Wallace walked off to a standing ovation rather than exiting with a stream of expletives.

University back to defend 4A trophy
Last year the University Titans softball team finished third in the East Regional and came home with the first-place trophy at the State 4A tournament.

Ferris sprinter to skip 4A meet
Ferris track sprinter Robert Davis, for undisclosed personal reasons, will apparently not compete in the State 4A track championships this weekend.

New TV deal for Gonzaga
And then there were none. Which, in this case, turns out to be a “mind-boggling” number for Gonzaga University athletic director Mike Roth, who, on Wednesday, announced the most ambitious men's basketball television schedule in the school's history. Related stories

Study reveals information on cutthroats
While photo- graphic evi- dence has proved that water once flowed on Mars, the year's most intriguing scientific news for Inland Northwest anglers has been compiled in our backyard.

M’s get lift from old guys
CLEVELAND – Among the many theories on why the Seattle Mariners have played so poorly this season is this one: They got old. Elder statesmen Jamie Moyer and Edgar Martinez don't buy it – and they're not letting too many others make that purchase, either. Related stories

Crashes can really take their toll on drivers
INDIANAPOLIS -- Alex Zanardi used to steer clear of parking spots reserved for the handicapped. He wouldn't even walk through those spaces, never wanting to believe he might actually need one.

Wednesday’s games
Phillies 7, Mets 4: At New York, first baseman Mike Piazza's throwing error set up Jim Thome's tiebreaking double and Philadelphia scored six runs in the seventh inning to beat the Mets. Mike Lieberthal got the Phillies going with an RBI double, sparking their rally from a 3-0 deficit.

Pittsburgh’s Ward hits for cycle
Daryle Ward hit for the cycle and tied his career best with six RBIs in the Pittsburgh Pirates' 11-8 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday night in St. Louis.

On the air
For Thursday, May 27, 2004

Three Sasquatch honored
Outfielder Hannah Shelley, pitcher Kate Sinnott and coach Janet Skaife of Community Colleges of Spokane picked up the big awards on the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges East Division softball all-conference team, announced Wednesday.

National sports
President reinstates Barnett as head coach of Colorado The president of the University of Colorado has decided to reinstate suspended football coach Gary Barnett, the Rocky Mountain News reported Wednesday.

Liberty finally put end to Shock losing streak
Becky Hammon had 10 of her 12 points in the second half, helping the New York Liberty end a five-game losing streak against the defending WNBA champion Detroit Shock with a 64-52 victory Wednesday night in New York.

France’s upset special
PARIS -- Rusty, rattled and still recovering from a viral ailment, top-ranked Justine Henin-Hardenne lost Wednesday in the second round of the French Open.

Today’s menu
Baseball College: NWAACC Championship at Pasco, CC Spokane vs. Edmonds, 4:30 p.m.Off-track betting

NASCAR apologizes to Edwards, Roush
CONCORD, N.C. -- NASCAR apologized to driver Carl Edwards and team owner Jack Roush for unintentionally turning on the caution lights at Lowe's Motor Speedway last Friday, costing Edwards a victory in the truck race.

No time to panic for Tampa Bay
The Tampa Bay Lightning understand how important it is to rebound from their Game 1 loss in the Stanley Cup finals.

Winged cars reappear at Stateline
Winged Sprint Car racing has been basically absent from the area for a half-dozen years or more but it is trying to make a comeback.

Lawyers for Jones attack investigation
SAN FRANCISCO -- Marion Jones' legal team has gone on a public relations offensive, poking holes in the evidence U.S. doping officials are using to investigate the star sprinter and possibly ban her from the Olympics.

Haas looks to continue season’s success
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Jay Haas is entering unfamiliar territory at this week's Senior PGA Championship.

Chief to New York?
While you're waiting for the Seattle Mariners to use Freddy Garcia as the centerpiece of their most momentous midseason trade since, well, they acquired Freddy Garcia -- in a deal with Houston for a tall lefty, if memory serves -- remember that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Even now, no hard feelings
INDIANAPOLIS -- Even now, 15 years removed from what went from the best day of his racing career to the worst with a bump of a car, Al Unser Jr. holds no grudges.

Quick hits
Looking ahead This is it. The state tournaments. The end of the sports year in preps. And once again the Greater Spokane League will be well represented.

Still learning, but aiming high
Mike Uhlenkott's track pedigree is impressive. But in most respects, North Central's district and regional pole vault champion is his own man.

Mainer saying goodbye to WV
The realization hasn't sunk in yet and Kayla Mainer said it probably won't until her last event at this weekend's State Track Meet in Pasco, where she will attempt to defend her 3A state high jump title.

Official records
For Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hobbled Cassell a liability?
Sam Cassell plans to hobble through the playoffs until the Minnesota Timberwolves are finished. Though Cassell is battling back spasms and a hip injury, the All-Star point guard expects to start again in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals on Thursday night.

A side of Sondheim
Stephen Sondheim isn't merely liked by musicians and theater artists. He's revered. That reverence gushes out in torrents during conversations with the people involved in the Interplayers Ensemble's season-ending production of “Side by Side by Sondheim,” the 1976 musical revue of songs from Sondheim's early career.

Hopefully they looked both ways
I've seen cats cross Grand Boulevard. And I have seen ducks traverse that busy street. But earlier this week, during a lull in traffic, I saw a cat and two ducks cross Grand together. Related stories

Twist on ‘Bandstand’
“American Bandstand” is coming back with a new twist -- courtesy of the producer of “American Idol.”

Controlling oneself at the table is critical success at bridge, but retaining control of a bridge hand is equally important. However, at the Dyspeptics Club control is generally lacking in both departments.

Stay out of it, let your boss sort it out
Dear Annie: I work for a state agency in a job I absolutely love. My problem is the attitude of my co-workers. In this office, people are rarely fired because it takes so long to find a replacement. As a result, there is a great deal of unprofessional behavior that is ignored.

Aries (March 21-April 19) ••• – Optimism starts your workday but will be quickly challenged. You might take another's comment personally, or you might receive an uncomfortable insight. Be direct with a friend or associate concerning finances. A suggestion won't work for you.

‘Sex’ girls won’t reunite because of a Cattrall fight
HBO has dropped plans for a “Sex and the City” feature film after Kim Cattrall refused to commit. Cattrall insisted on having both script approval and a paycheck equal to series star Sarah Jessica Parker, reports TV Guide Online.

Suicide an extremely personal matter
Dear Dr. Gott: I was horrified by your response to the woman considering suicide. Possibly facing incurable cancer, you said she should probably commit suicide if she so desired. Her attitude seemed to me to exhibit a lack of caring for others and a total absorption in self. What about the loved ones who are left behind to deal with the carnage and guilt? I am sad for this woman; she sounded so alone and lost.

A fantastic tale
A man can do only so much fishing. Patrick Carman's breaking point came 90 days in. And then, the Walla Walla-based author says, “I think I got bored.”

Flett show features mix of old, new techniques
In "Old Traditions, New Values," George Flett honors the traditions of ledger art while incorporating his own contemporary, mixed-media collage techniques.

‘Frontline’ looks at music industry
The music industry is in deep, deep trouble. and it can't blame it all on Internet piracy, especially now that millions of tracks are being sold legally online.

L.M. Boyd Trivia
• Item 4622C in our Love and War man's files comes from a statistical report on wives who stray. It indicates 42 percent of them commit their extramarital misdeeds during less than one year of their marriages.

CBS finishes season as Nielsen ratings king
CBS officially ended the television season Wednesday as the nation's most popular network, with Fox's “American Idol” the favorite show.

Deck of stars
Playing cards are becoming flush with celebrities. Glen Campbell? A picture of the country singer after his drunken-driving arrest adorns the ace of diamonds on the Celebrity Mug Shots deck.

Technology gives new look to upcoming film
When moviegoers take a ride on “The Polar Express” this November, they'll see a new film technology that's like watching the pages of the classic Christmas story come alive.

Which DVD will sell the most?
The competition for the year's top-selling DVD began this week with the release of “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.”

Phish fans taking break-up news hard
Phish, the enormously popular jam band that experimented with myriad musical genres and whose legions of dedicated fans made it a younger version of The Grateful Dead, is breaking up.

A tribute to graduates
Welcome to the annual high school graduation edition of the Voice. In this section, you'll find stories for parents and graduates, times and places of graduation ceremonies, and lists of students graduating from area schools.

The North Side Voice

Tribute introduction2 Bancroft14 Crosswalk11 Deer Park14 Deer Park Alternative14

Gifts to please grads
Graduation gift shopping? Argh! Finding something for a niece, a nephew, or a close friend's child can be as challenging as thinking of something original to write on the card.

Time at G-Prep brings personal growth
I remember walking into Gonzaga Prep on the first day of my freshman year full of wonder and expectation.

Gonzaga prep valedictorians
Volunteering had a big impact on Anna Baldasty. She worked summer and part of the school year at the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. Another service was as an English as Second Language tutor.

Class of 2004 Ayodeji L. Adebayo Peter A. Aleksandrov

Freshman year seems like only yesterday
This is my last year of high school and all I can think to say is that it seems to have passed so quickly.

Rogers valedictorians
Valedictorian Saryl Case felt inspired by many people in her community.

Shadle Park
Class of 2004 Vanessa Eve Abrahamson Carrissa Lee Ackley John Howard Acton

Our class overflows with school spirit
As a result of my four years of experience at Shadle Park, I can conclude with utter conviction that high school is a lot like the Internet. Not only is it filled with knowledge and understanding, but also an immense social aspect.

Shadle park valedictorians
An eighth-grade teacher, Mrs. Stretch, can take credit for inspiring a valedictorian's love of writing. Shadle Park's Sarah Beaudette thanked that teacher while describing her high school accomplishments.

Roommate a part of the freshman experience
So, you're graduating from high school. Undoubtedly you've been pondering the possibilities of post-high school days and I'm sure you've wondered what will happen as you enter the so-called "real world.'' Many of you will throw yourself into the arena of higher education.

Mt. Spokane
Class of 2004 Sarah Allen Elizabeth Alvernaz Kyle Amonson Mark Anderson

Adaptability a lesson you can take with you
What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that high school is nothing like the movies. There really aren't any of the ridiculously stereotyped cliques, no big dumb jocks, no "untouchables,'' nothing. Rather, high school is a miniature version of adult life, a practice run where you can take chances and experiment with every aspect of your being while strengthening and expanding your social abilities. It's great to look back at my yearbooks and see how people have

Mt. Spokane Valedictorians
Kennis Brady has a dream to be a pediatrician. She will attend the University of Washington to major in chemistry and pre-med.

Deer Park Alternative
Class of 2004 Tory J. Leckness Amanda J. Whitehill

MAP School
Class of 2004 Melanie J. Albo Justin K. Countryman

College application includes community service efforts
Now that I am a senior and have almost completed my high school experience, I would like to give a little piece of advice to those who are just beginning or are still going through this journey.

Deer park valedictorian
Jolynn Watson feels it was an honor representing her community as Junior Miss and Miss Deer Park in 2003.

M.E.A.D. Alternative
Class of 2004 Steve Anderson Marty Anderson Marcus Arieno Pat Arnold

With hope, grads enter adult world
Soon I will be entering the world of adults. A world I have longed to belong to since I was small, but as I get closer to it I start to think that maybe I am not ready or that I am doomed to a life of boredom.

Class of 2004 Adam Christian Anderson Jared Arora

Lakeside seniors form friendships for lifetime
They've completed most of their classes, made plans for promising futures and started to say their goodbyes. Now, the seniors who make up the Lakeside High School Class of 2004 are ready to take what they've learned and put it to use in the world beyond high school.

Lakeside valedictorian
Competing as an athlete taught Katie Salisbury many life lessons.

Upper columbia valedictorian
Music plays an important role in the life of Upper Columbia Academy valedictorian Kathilee Davidson. She played clarinet in band, sang in choir, was a violinist in string ensemble and performed in the Choraliers.

Class of 2004 Benjamin T. Alexander Trilene J. Arnold

Proud seniors look toward future
The 2004 graduating class of Riverside High School is a very close-knit group. The majority of our class has been together for our entire school career. We are a very talented and well-rounded group with accomplishments in all aspects of high school and community involvement. These successes range from excelling in athletics, clubs, music and academics to church activities and community service.

Riverside valedictorians
Willie Hansen will head to Carroll College to study pre-medicine. He wants to open his own family medical practice one day. His other future goals are to have a family and travel.

St. George's School
Class of 2004 Raymond Chiu Benjamin Thomas Ciavola Travis Kenneth Cullitan Nicholas Austin Davis

St. George's students gain perspective
After the trials, losses and triumphs that seemed to encompass every month, week and day of the past four years, we, the graduating class of 2004, have come to realize that high school did not turn out exactly as we thought it would when we first set foot on St. George's campus.

St. George's Valedictorians
For Roberto Gallotti, academic achievements have truly been international.

Social/recreational clubs
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)< 6> Greater Spokane Chapter 384, meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 11:30 a.m., at Casey's Restaurant, 2126 N. Monroe. No host lunch available.

North Central
Class of 2004 Zach Daniel Achziger Ben Aleto Kamden John Allen Nikk Anderson

They were wild times at North Central High
Four years ago, as we entered the theater and were addressed collectively for the first time as North Central's Class of 2004, who could have ever imagined the times we would have?

North central valedictorians
For Dominic Benoscek, the future may include creating inventions. He may also sample life by living for a while in Australia and chasing gators.

Senior class contributed to Mead's achievements
"Senior power, senior power.'' The chant shook the entire gym, including our freshman section. The seniors looked so big, mature, and most of all -- cool. I don't think I'll ever feel as old as they looked to me then. However, I still don't feel old enough to be in Ms.

Class of 2004 Christopher Lorne Adare Travis Bartholomew Aerts Ellen Margarethe Aga

Mead valedictorians
Christopher Adare can reach great heights in more ways than one.

Class of 2004 Expected to graduate are: Alizabeth Jennifer Adams Janine Addams

GSL athletes stand out in classrooms, too
It's always rewarding to educators when the emphasis in the expression "student-athlete'' falls upon the first half of that phrase.

NWC memories, friendships will last
Freedom, ah freedom. The terrible tortures of high school are done. The sleepless nights of studying are done.

Senior recreation
Games BOLD(CTRL-PLUS) |ens|Mid-City Senior Center < 6> Serving the community over age 60, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. (Tuesday closed at 1 p.

Family roles change when new graduate leaves home
High school graduation can be a bittersweet time for parents. Parents may struggle to let go even though they know this transition is a necessary thing.

College students wise to go carefully in financial jungle
High school graduates, it's a jungle out there. A jungle of consumer credit, landlord-tenant relationships and new adult responsibilities.

Freshman survival guide offers helpful tips on college
Savor that feeling of relief, graduates. For those of you heading off to college, satisfaction likely will be replaced by a gang of nagging questions as your departure date creeps closer.

School reunions
North Central High School Class of 1959 < 6> July 16, 7 p.m., Fairways Golf Course, and July 17, 6 p.m., West Coast Ridpath Hotel.

The South Side Voice

Photo credits
Senior photographs for valedictorians and essay writers were provided by area studios and photographers, including Dorian, Cheap No Studio, Nick Follger Studio, Steven Steinhardt, Photography by Gregory, Rick Singer Studio, Eaton & Tennefoss, Don Hamilton, Anastasia's Portrait, J.C. Penney Studio, Bob Hess Photography, Quicksilver Studio, and Diane Maehl Portrait Creations.

Medical Lake
Subhed (pe)Class of 2004 Michelle Ann Adams Christian Nicole Bailey

Friends at Medical Lake grow closer over time
High school has been the greatest time of my life. When I was a freshman, so many people told me that it goes by so fast, and I heard it so much that I thought it was just a bunch of talk. Now that I look back, I still see myself as a ninth-grader trying to impress all the 10th-grade girls, and failing, of course!

Lewis and Clark
Class of 2004 Brian Adams Patrick O. Adams Tyler N. Adams

Lewis and clark valedictorians
Christine Beamer had a glimpse into the world of professional musicians this year. She got to play viola with the Spokane String Quartet as part of her Youth Symphony string group.

Random conversations offer food for thought
My classmates dawdle past as I sit in the skywalk. They are a slow-moving mirror of the traffic on Interstate 90 weaving through in haphazard paths. To speak for them terrifies me -- I can hardly speak for myself without hearing the silvery, mocking laughter of Wisdom. But on this morning she consented to sit in the skywalk with a writer grasping for insight, listening to my classmates speak for themselves.

Class of 2004 Leticia M. Andersh Addy J. Bauermeister

Freeman grads will recall light moments
Just three days before I finally sat down to write this, we had a miniature rock concert between classes at Freeman High School.

Freeman valedictorian
Freeman's Ariel Grubb has a long list of goals after graduation.

Roommate: Part of the freshman experience
So, you're graduating from high school. Undoubtedly you've been pondering the possibilities of post-high school days and I'm sure you've wondered what will happen as you enter the so-called "real world.'' Many of you will throw yourself into the arena of higher education.

Class of 2004 Jose A. Aiken Steven R. Arviso

Class of 2004 Shane G. Ableman John A. Akkerman

Cheney Alternative
Class of 2004 David Edward Abraham Samantha Kelly Lanham Tamara Rose Power-Drutis

Cheney grads face lots of choices
With graduation approaching, we the class of 2004 take time to reflect on the past four ,.1 years we call high school (fill in the desired adjective: loathsome, glorious, etc.).

Cheney valedictorian
Lauren Hallett has a life goal to help people. She's also considering a career in environmental law.

Ferris graduates will do their part to make a better world
It seems incredible that only four years ago, our Joel E. Ferris class of 2004 was a bunch of squirmy eighth-graders, anxiously waiting for the summer to pass so that we could take our first steps down the Ferris hallways as high school students.

Ferris valedictorians
A trip to Japan over spring break gave Bradley Alice an experience worth remembering.

Class of 2004 Desiree A. Aragon/Johnson Molly C. Branch

Senior dancing
Ballroom Dancing < 6> Thursdays from 7:30-9:45 p.m., Southside Senior Activity Center, 3151 E. 27th. Cost is $3.

YWCA Domestic Violence Support Groups < 6> for women who have experienced abuse in relationships. Free and confidential. Child care available. 829 W. Broadway.

Medicine Wheel Academy
Class of 2004 Jerlyn Jones Travis Montoya Chris Parslow Jolene Picard

Senior games
Bridge, Bingo, Scrabble, Pinochle < 6> Southside Senior Activity and Community Center, 27th and Ray. For dates and times call 535-0803.

Havermale helps journey to potential
I am extremely honored in accepting the role of valedictorian for Havermale High School, which is an extraordinary school.

Upper Columbia Academy
Class of 2004 Jennifer Amante Karlin Andregg Amanda Archer Dewann Bach

St. george's valedictorians
For Roberto Gallotti, academic achievements have truly been international. Born in Italy, he is most proud of succeeding in the American school system while speaking Italian at home, adapting to different places he's lived and making friends worldwide.

NW Christian
Class of 2004 Sarah Christine Bacon Timothy John Bauerle Jackie Georgeann Benson

NW Christian valedictorian
Northwest Christian valedictorian Josh Greenslade is a hard worker in and out of school. He listed an accomplishment of saving enough money from a job to buy a car. He also played to his best ability in soccer.

St. Michael's Academy
Class of 2004 Guadalupe Borja Margaret R. Clark Alissa M. Johnson

Check out these gifts for the new grads
Graduation gift shopping? Argh! Finding something for a niece, a nephew, or a close friend's child can be as challenging as thinking of something original to write on the card. In the true spirit of academics, here's a Cliffs Notes version of some reasonably priced gifts that are sure to pass the test.

St. Michael's Valedictorian
St. Michael's Academy valedictorian Guadalupe Borja balanced studies, music and athletics.

Standout graduates of 2004
There's not a stodgy bookworm in the bunch. This year's crop of valedictorians is as well-rounded as a sphere and are ready to roll on into a bright future.

Thankful to be part of 'ideal high school'
High school is something that all of us have experienced at one point or another in our lives. And, it is something that will greatly impact our future.

Valley high school
Graduating are: Jessica L. Ackerman Joseph C. Asterino Adam T. Ayers

Liberty high school
Expected to graduate are: Jeffery Anderson Lydia Anderson Melissa Blyton Raelynn Cain

Contract based education
Graduating are: Daniel L. Adams Pavel S. Aleksandrov

Barker high school
Graduating are: Casey W. Bancroft Austin K. Bolter Nicholas L. Branham

St. Michael's grads trod an uncommon path
For many years the lone student has traveled down the same worn path that many in the past have traveled.

Freeman grads will recall light moments fondly
Just three days before I finally sat down to write this, we had a miniature rock concert between classes at Freeman High School.

Freeman high school
Graduating are: Leticia M. Andersh Addy J. Bauermeister

Looking back, let's remember this is a celebration for everyone
As I write this, at the start of May, I'm not sure the seniors of Central Valley have yet realized what's about to happen to us. We're cramming for our finals, addressing our announcements, drumming our fingers on plastic desks in breathless, annoyed anticipation every day. Still, I suspect graduation will remain as much of a far-off abstraction as it was on our first day of kindergarten, until the moment we scuff our fancy shoes across the stage and have

Central Valley High School
Graduating are: Ashley Alexander Robyn Allen Sidney-Jon Allen Levi Andersen Ryan Anderson

We've come to enjoy, depend and care for each other
On June 5, 24 young men and women will shed their status as Valley Christian high school students. The seniority we have worked 12 years to attain will slip from our grasp, as we become adults and embark into the "real world.'' That all-important, frequently sleep-depriving, and sometimes tear-inducing number -- the grade-point average -- will no longer command such power and force as it once did. For some, it will be replaced with a college grade-point average,

Valley christian school
Graduates are: Alyssa A. Davis Meghan A. Evans Troy D. Fridley

Small-school atmosphere allayed freshman fears
As an impressionable young middle school student, I can recall listening attentively to high school hazing horror stories: freshmen being forced to push a penny down the hall with their nose as seniors cackled in delight, burly jock upperclassmen doling out swirlies to meek freshmen boys, and haughty glares and biting rumors spread by popular cheerleaders, all in addition to the ever-present threat of becoming the next soaked victim of the Freshman Pond.

West valley high school
Graduating are: Angela Shana Lee Abbs Molly Sylvia Abel Scott Nathan Alsperger Laura Ruth Anderson

There are some things we'll never forget about U-Hi
10 ... 9 ..

University High School
Graduating are: Jeffrey S. Ahrndt Julie J. Alexander Sara L. Allen

Community is what makes East Valley High unique
All the years of wondering when high school would end will find their resolution in the class of 2004.

East Valley High School
Graduating are: Derrick Michael Abney Amelia Adams Hollie Leanne Adams Tiffany Ann Adamson

Gonzaga prep school
Graduating are: Ables, Tyler B. Alford, Grant M.